ProType offers services ranging from large film output to book . . . catalog . . . brochure production. Established in 1979, we specialize in technical work requiring data base manipulation; mainframe data conversion; large, imposed film jobs; non-standard PC output; and technical book production.

We can output up to 30" film from Macintosh or PC applications, including Quark, Illustrator, Freehand, various Microsoft applications (including Publisher, Word, Canvas, and PowerPoint), and PageMaker.

Our Equipment

  • Screen 3075 external drum imagesetter with Harlequin Postscript Level 3 RIP.
  • Screen Cezanne CMYK scanner.
  • 3M Matchprint and Color Key equipment.
  • 2 HP flatbed scanners for line art.
  • NT server with 5 Macintosh computers, 7 PC computers on a 100 base T network.
  • Analog proofing with quality 3M products.
  • Minolta color digital proofs.


Our People

  • Susan Coman opened the business in 1979 with book and magazine typesetting and production.
  • Protype now has 6 technicians, an editor/proofreader and a computer programmer on staff.
  • Our combined experience in the business is over 75 years. (Some of us go back to hot metal type and some of us don't remember paste-up!)


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