Common errors
to watch for:

Low resolution — Graphics should be 300 dpi at 100% of the final reproduction size.

Spot color jobs set up using CMYK imports.

Quality of original art supplied will not reproduce well.

Graphics not proportionate in vertical / horizontal percentages when sized (illustrations are squished).

Linked files not provided on disk.

EPS files use fonts not available or not provided.

Files provided in RGB format —should be CMYK.

Files provided in WMF format —should be EPS or TIFF.

DCS files provided do not include all high resolution files needed or files have been renamed incorrectly.

FTP Uploads allows users to send large files via the internet. Our site can be used without an FTP program on the user's end. Files should be compressed using WinZip on the PC, or Stuffit on the Macintosh.


For quality output and faster
turnaround follow these guidelines:

  • Have you made sure we know, and have the program and version your file is in?
  • Have you provided screen and printer fonts needed for your job (including fonts used in EPS files)?
  • Are all of your linked graphics updated and included in your compressed file?
  • Have you made clipping paths and saved as EPS if needed? No grayscale or color TIFFs should be placed with backgrounds set to “None.”
  • Are your color TIFFs and EPSs saved in CMYK?
  • Is there enough bleed?
  • Are you using the same separation names in all of the placed graphics as well as the master file? Separations with different names will separate on different plates.
  • Are scans the appropriate resolution?
  • Have you included the filenames and page numbers of the files you need processed?
  • Have you provided us with the colors to be processed for each page, along with the line screen, and any imposition info that's applicable? (Talk to your printer, if you are unsure.)
  • Have you faxed current laser copies or included an accurate PDF with your compressed native files?
  • Have you produced and checked a color-separated laser to make certain that all pages separate the way you need them to?


Why we need faxed lasers of your job:

We make every effort to insure that your job has been processed correctly. We compare the file for any text reflow, missing or nonprinting graphics, and as a comparison that we have received the correct file. We will print lasers and send them to you for approval at an additional cost. If you wish to proceed without lasers or proofs, ProType will not be able to check for missing fonts or elements on the film. We strongly recommend you receive color key or matchprints on any four color process job. We do not recommend printing from Microsoft programs which have been converted from RGB to CMYK without color proofs made from the film. Color shifts will occur.

We also strongly recommend that you request analog color, blueline, or velox proofs of your film prior to printing. We can either process the proofs here or your printer can do it for you.

ALL PROOFS, ELECTRONIC PAPER OUTPUT AND ELECTRONIC NEGATIVE/POSITIVE OUTPUT should be carefully inspected. If a blueline or color key proof is not ordered from ProType, the customer should have one made by the printer prior to putting the job on the press. ProType makes no guarantee of materials furnished on disk by the customer. Corrections to typeset copy due to a ProType error will be made at no charge. No financial liability is assumed by Protype beyond the cost of the film or paper output necessary to make the typographic or film-output correction(s).




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