ProType provides high quality film output from Macintosh or PC files. We use only top quality Fuji film and our screen tolerances are the best in the industry! Fuji film reduces on-press dot gain by providing a hard dot in screens that are guaranteed to be within a 1 percent tolerance.

Online trapping and viewing to our new Harlequin RIP station makes film processing faster and easier. Due to the online RIPping, most file errors are caught before they actually go to film — giving you more accurate film from which to plate and print your job.

In addition, ProType runs Flightcheck on all of your color jobs, free of charge! We'll advise you within 2 hours of any problems with your document or of any missing fonts or support files.


Some of the features of our new Screen 3075 imagesetter:

  • runs up to 30 inch film
  • CTP file preparation eliminates cost overruns and delays when sending your files to "direct to plate" printers. Let Protype show you how we can save you time, money, and hassle!
  • external drum imaging for perfect registration (we have even rerun just the black plate weeks later to find that it registers perfectly with the CMY plates run earlier.)
  • Fed by a super fast Harlequin RIP — Postscript level 3 to run almost anything you throw at it!
  • Set up with an online punch for Stoesser pin system. Let us know what you have — we may be able to adapt something for your pin system.
  • Imposed film. One printer told me that a job we had imposed for him saved 7 hours in stripping time. One large 4C catalog we produced regularly took 2 to 3 days to strip — now, with imposed film, it takes only a half day! This service can save time and money on your next job.
  • Our online processor is so reliable we have left a 100-page 4C catalog running in the evening and come back the next morning to find completely imposed, color separated, cut and punched film laying in the basket — if only it could have produced its own Matchprint!
  • Calibrations guaranteed within 1% of any screen values. We run calibration strips regularly and buy top-of-the-line Fuji film to insure that the film you get is as accurate as possible.

Why ProType?

  • FREE Flightcheck on MAC files.
  • We know both MAC and PC programs — from Pagemaker and Quark to Microsoft Office, Canvas, and Coreldraw. There may be problems with running some PC applications but at least we let you know up front so schedules and bids can be adjusted before cost and time runs up.
  • FREE imposing on your first job — no matter the size of the job.
  • Additional Volume Discounts available for high-volume film users.
  • 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. (or later) shifts to turn your job around quickly.
    Most jobs turned within 24 hours or less.
  • Send Postscript files and have your files RIPped immediately at an additional discounted price.
  • High-end CMYK scanning, electronic publishing to CD or internet, typesetting, production graphics, Matchprints, colorkeys, bluelines, veloxes, file transfers, etc. complete our services.
  • We are the leader in customer support — see our TechTips section for helpful information that will save you money and help your projects run smoother and faster.

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