“Books are where we keep
the things we value — our past, our future, ourselves.”

Writing is only the first step in the creation of a book. ProType can work with you in all the steps to producing a quality book. Book production is an art, enjoying both beauty and precision. It's your powerful partner in delivering your message to the world. ProType has years of experience in bringing manuscripts from written form to finished book. Whether your creation method is longhand, or word processing, we can help you turn your creative ideas into reality.

PROFESSIONAL. ProType has been producing books since 1985, serving clients from New York to Hawaii. We provide total prepress service to self publishers, small presses, and corporate publishers. Our in-house expertise includes all phases of book production, including copy editing, typography, text and graphics design, indexing, and cover design — total production — all the way from manuscript to printer's negatives. And after that, we can work with the printer and binder for you! We can even secure your ISBN, Library of Congress Catalog number, and bar code.

QUALIFIED. ProType produces many different kinds of books including scientific-technical, medical, scholarly, literary, artistic, trade, consumer books, and journals — 1 to 4-color — in a variety of styles and sizes. We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest quality standards while providing prompt service at competitive rates.

SPECIALISTS. ProType specializes in hard-to-produce technical and scientific books. We can convert files from nearly any type program — including Canvas and PowerPoint. Our operators can set even the toughest mathmatical equations. After the books are produced, we can even convert the data to HTML for web posting and searchability.

Our technical services run the gamut —

  • bring us your own computerized book layout — already formatted on a Macintosh or PC — and, using the style you've created, we'll run it out as high resolution plate-ready negatives or convert to PDF for CTP technology, often overnight . . . or
  • bring us your manuscript and your ideas, and we'll design a complete book to your specifications . . . or
  • we can do anything in between! AFFORDABLE. ProType's equipment is state-of-the-art, highly efficient, and produces top-quality output. We can provide you with the quickest possible turnaround by running multiple shifts. And by maximizing our machine use, we can offer extremely affordable rates — production runs for as little as $3.00 per page!

After it's written . . . Before it's read




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